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To make a success of studying in Kempten, you will need to find out and make sure you can cover the cost of your stay.

What does studying cost?

In Germany, students can generally attend state-funded universities free of charge.

Nonetheless, there will be costs, of course. Each semester, you will be required to pay the semester fee, need to buy books and of course cover the cost of living. We have compiled a table of the average living expenses in Kempten.



Financing your studies in Germany

You will be expected to fund your studies and living expenses yourself. Kempten University of Applied Sciences does not offer any form of contribution towards the cost of living.

Most international students receive financial support from their parents or pay their way by taking a part-time job.

Evidence of sufficient financial means:
If you require a visa or residence permit, you will have to prove that you can cover 861 euros per month throughout your entire stay in Germany. If you will be staying longer than a year, you will have to provide evidence of such financial means to cover at least 12 months. Ask the German embassy in your home country about the acceptable forms of evidence to fulfil this condition.



What are the costs of living and studying in Kempten?

By European standards, the cost of living in Germany is about average. In Kempten, you will need at least 700 euros per month to cover your accommodation, food, transport and other activities. Of course, this varies according to your lifestyle.

You should budget for the following monthly expenses:

  • Rent: € 230–350
  • Food: € 200–250
  • Health insurance: € 110
  • Telephone / internet / TV licence: € 40
  • Study materials / sundries: € 120–150

In addition, you will need to pay a semester fee of € 92 each semester to cover the € 62 membership fee for the student union and € 30 for your public transport pass.