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Network drives

Outside the university network, you can access the main drive (N:), your personal drive (H:) and various faculty drives or departmental drives provided for staff by the Computing Centre. The (H:) and (N:) drives are provided by the Computing Centre, while various faculties offer additional drives for their students. Administrative staff cannot their access their drives off-site. To connect to the drives from your device, you must have set up a VPN connection in advance. You cannot access the drives without this. More detailed information on connecting to the drivesis provided in our instructions.


LRZ Sync+Share is a convenient way of saving your data and documents conveniently, securely and reliably at the Leibniz Data Centre and keep them all up-to-date on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). You can also share and exchange documents with other people anywhere in the world. LRZ Sync+Share makes cross-organisational, interdisciplinary and collaborative so much easier. The services provided by LRZ Sync+Share are based on the software PowerFolder (German company). Data protection is governed by German / European law. This service can be used by students and staff alike, using your university log-in details. You can also install a client or app on your end device – the program for this is accessible from the web interface.

LRZ Sync+Share (Bayern-Cloud)

If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ page on Sync+Share

GigaMove – sharing large files

What is GigaMove? GigaMove is a service (provided by RWTH Aachen) for sharing large files. You register via Shibboleth, i.e. using your university log-in details. You can upload files up to 2 GB (please split anything larger than this into smaller packages). The recipient is sent a notification email containing the download link. This service is available free-of-charge to members of Kempten University of Applied Sciences by virtue of its membership of the German Research Network (Deutschen Forschungsnetz – DFN) and participation in the DFN-AAI Federation (authentification and authorisation infrastructure).


How does GigaMove work?

  • Open the GigaMove homepage in your browser
  • Select "Hochschule Kempten" as your home institution
  • You will need to register using your university user ID to use this service (and accept the conditions of use the first time you log in)
  • Upload your file(s)
  • Send a notification email containing the link to the recipient (incl. optional download receipt)
  • Files are deleted automatically (after 7 days as standard, maximum 14 days)
  • To log out, simply close the page in your browser (automatic log-out after two hours)


Computing Centre

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Building V, 1st floor

Opening hours for IT rooms

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To connect to university drives:

Access drives using Microsoft Windows

Access drives using Apple OS X