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Our mission:

“Competence driven by networked diversity”

The mission pursued by Kempten University of Applied Sciences is to make a substantial and sustainable contribution toward solving contemporary and future challenges in our society.

The growing heterogeneity of our target groups and the increasing complexity of the tasks involved in teaching, research and professional development present new requirements. We meet these by more intensively networking the diverse range of skills pooled in the Faculties of Business Administration and Tourism, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Social and Health Studies combined with our central administration and facilities.

Our actions are guided by the following principles:

We develop people’s personalities.
We offer a wide range of measures to promote the all-round personal development of students and staff alike.

We build networks.
Our achievements stem from the networks we nurture between members of the university and our contacts in industry, society and politics.

We assume social responsibility,
making a sustainable contribution toward solving social challenges through education, research and secure workplaces.

Innovative and international teaching and professional development

We deliver innovative, skills-focused teaching to foster our students’ holistic personal development for an optimum start to their careers. This involves increasingly setting the university’s wide range of provisions in interdisciplinary formats, implementing state-of-the-art learning methods, and constant interaction with industry and society.

We design our bachelor’s degree programmes to provide a broad scope of fundamental training that already matches the region’s requirements. Beyond that, we develop and compile excellent master’s degree programmes specialising in subject areas of high practical relevance. We appeal to domestic and international students and create the right conditions for developing intercultural skills. By providing a broad education, we encourage
awareness of social responsibility.

The high-quality professional development offered by our Professional School of Business and Technology, including international accreditation, supports lifelong learning. Our professional part-time study programmes and certificate courses are attuned to industrial and social requirements, offering all participants highly flexible, customisable teaching formats to achieve the optimum balance between study and work.

Interdisciplinary research and development

We conduct skilled, application-focused research with creative excellence, primarily for SMEs’ benefit. We utilise interdisciplinary internal and external collaboration to forge a network of wide-ranging expertise, making innovative and sustainable contributions to solving important social challenges. This enables us to channel our scientific expertise into the transfer of technology and knowledge in future-focused research fields.

Integrative learning and work environment

We encourage appreciative and effective collaboration between the university’s organisational units. As an employer, we assume responsibility for providing our staff and students alike with a healthy and family-friendly working and learning environment. We promote gender equality. This involves helping members of the university to develop their expert methodical, personal and social skills and supporting them in the workplace and occupational environment to meet their family responsibilities. We offer anyone keen and qualified to study – whatever their nationality – an open-minded, cosmopolitan learning environment.