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Nurturing up-and-coming young scientists

Kempten University of Applied Sciences offers up-and-coming young scientists wide-ranging opportunities for scientific and personal development in the form of seminars, presentations, info events, networking and advice.  

In 2022, numerous openings were presented by FZA–Transfer in collaboration with the Office for Equal Opportunities, Family and Diversity at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, including the following examples:

  • Self- and time management
  • LinkedIn – professional usage and optimising profiles
  • Certificate in contemporary project management
  • Introduction to LaTex
  • First-hand account on completing a doctorate and the path to becoming a professor
  • How to write research proposals professionally and successfully
  • Present yourself convincingly: Keynote speech evaluating SCIL profiles and communication methods

In addition, other facilities offer further opportunities for university members to work towards professional and personal development:

One form of scientific professional development leading to a formal qualification is to study towards earning a doctorate. Students can undertake consortial doctoral studies at Kempten University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with traditional research-based universities. The following pages provide an overview of the kay information and insights into the doctoral studies that are being conducted right now at our university of applied sciences.


Corinna Schaar
Scientific staff for transfer of knowledge and technology,
officer for doctoral studies,
nurturing young talent at FZA