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We offer comprehensive advice and support to scientists at Kempten University of Applied Sciences in identifying suitable funding programmes and applying for and conducting projects with public funding, or undertaking privately commissioned and funded projects (contract research and R&D).

Are you planning a new research project, or do you have any questions about the transfer of research and technology?
Simply drop us a line at: fza-beratung(at)
We will get back to you straight away.

If you are already pursuing a fixed project, please use the notification form for publicly or privately funded research projects. The sooner you inform us of your plans, the better we can assist you with applying.
We have pooled this and all other current documents and templates – e.g. for calculations, orders and appointing staff – in our document store on Moodle, ready for you to use.



You can find all documents and templates in the university’s in-house online documents store.

You can access your research projects in KeFIS (internal).

With regard to advice on funding and submitting applications, we offer:

  • Information and advice on funding programmes and current calls for proposals:
    You can get notifications of the latest funding opportunities by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. We also organise information events for professors and other scientific staff on current topics. We will be happy to advise you on specific any queries about your research plans.
  • Apply for public funding:
    We will be happy to assist you with planning in respect of calculations, funding considerations and collating the paperwork required for applications according to the relevant guidelines.
  • Administrative support and project management for externally funded projects:
    We can help you with legal and financial questions pertaining to your ongoing third-party funded projects and in communicating with funding bodies and sponsors.

Good scientific practice

It is essential to handle data extremely carefully, provide good traceability and be receptive to criticism with regard to all results in order to ensure good scientific practice.

Kempten University of Applied Sciences provides Guidelines to ensure good scientific practice and on handling scientific misconduct for this purpose. In addition, you can find some information provided by the DFG on scientific integrity and the ombuds system for good scientific practice in Germany on

You can find further information on good scientific practice here.


Professor Raija Seppälä-Esser
Ombudsperson for good scientific practice

Ethics in research

Research conducted on and with people must be audited and evaluated from ethical and legal perspectives by an ethics committee. Ethical approval is also increasingly required for publications in scientific periodicals.

Kempten University of Applied Sciences does not have an internal ethics committee, but it is a member of the Joint Ethics Committee for Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences (“GEHBa”). All members of Kempten University of Applied Sciences can get their research plans evaluated and checked by the joint ethics committee. These audits can only be performed prior to the launch of the project.

For further details, please visit the GEHBa website.


Professor Barbara Terborg
In-house contact:
GEHBa representative for Kempten University of Applied Sciences