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Are you ready to have the time of your life?

The student experience at Kempten University of Applied Sciences goes way beyond seminars and lectures! Your excellent degree programme and outstanding career prospects are complemented by the breathtakingly picturesque surroundings in the Allgäu – just bursting with all sorts of enthralling ways to spend your free time. The people here are incredibly welcoming and keen to help make your student days among the best in your life. There are plenty of cool bars and pubs in the town to explore, not to mention legendary student parties and the chance to hang out with the crowd during Allgäu Festival Week. Of course, you can’t compare the scene here with the nightlife of a big city, But we reckon you can’t beat the laid-back familiarity of partying with people you know, taking in local culture, and exploring such breathtaking surroundings. In summer, you can hang out with friends for a BBQ, while snowy winters are surely made for savouring a mulled wine or punch at the Christmas market. Our local region offers endless opportunities the whole year round to get sporty or relax in sumptuous scenery. Make the most of your newly gained independence and sample the many upsides to studying in Kempten!

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What awaits you?

Parties galore

We want to send a shout out to partying and hitting the tiles in a our town! At Kempten’s legendary flatshare and student residence parties, you’re bound to bump into friends and acquaintances – and you’ll never have to walk far to get home. The annual university party on campus, Lecturers’ Night deejayed by professors, hanging out in bars and pubs, public viewings, Allgäu Festival Week and Kempten Christmas Market provide all sorts of chances to let your hair down outside the classroom.

Making friends

Film evenings, international relations, tinkering on sportscars, chalet weekends, skiing trips, social gatherings – our many student organisations and clubs cover lots of these kinds of events. They are all key components of student life in Kempten, helping you get even more out of studying here and your free time. Have we whetted your appetite? Then simply sign up as a member or even get involved organising! For example, you could get to know students from almost 50 different countries in the Cultshare Club, hit the high notes in the Campus Choir, or play your instrument in our “JazzBrauerei” big band. The infamous Infinity Racing Team always welcomes new members, too. The chance to have fun, get to know nice people and gain all sorts of wonderful and valuable experiences is surely reason enough to seek these inroads into our wide-ranging student scene.

Politics in action

Would you like to get actively involved in higher education politics? That’s also easily done. Students sit on various committees to get your wishes and demands heard and have a say in the university’s decisions. This is your chance to act as a student representative or a member of Senate or your Faculty Board.

Sporting relief

Whether on campus, in town or all around the Allgäu – there’s no end of sporting opportunities for students at Kempten. The university also has its own gym and a wide range of sports. There’s no better way to switch off than sport in your free time.

These things are simply part and parcel of student life in Kempten.