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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a user-friendly tool for conducting online lectures, web conferences, web sessions and meetings. Anyone at the university can use it free of charge to run online events. 

Zoom offers the following options as a platform for meetings, web sessions, conferences and online lectures: 

  • Unlimited length of meetings
  • Up to 300 participants per meeting
  • Screen-sharing
  • Surveys
  • Breakout rooms (e.g. for working in groups)
  • Chat messaging
  • Recording events
  • Virtual backgrounds and filters 
  • end-to-end encryption

As of Winter Semester 2020/2021, all staff, sessional lecturers and students at Kempten UAS can make use of the site licence. Every member of Kempten University of Applied Sciences can register for a personal licence using their internal university user data.

Click this link for direct access to Zoom: ZOOM Kempten UAS


We will be happy to help, should you experience any problems working with Zoom or have any questions.

Simply send us a quick email .


Further information

Settings: Please check that the settings for your Zoom account match your specific requirements. 

Security: Please set a password for each meeting to ensure that the event can only be accessed by the people you want there.
Alternative host: If more than one responsible party from Kempten UAS is attending a meeting, you should designate an “alternative host”, who is granted the same rights and can easily start and run the meeting in your pace, e.g. if you fall ill or need a stand-in. (All accounts based on our site licence can use this function!) 

Data protection: Kempten University of Applied Sciences has taken out a site licence with Zoom for the purposes of conducting internal events and communicating with partners, companies, etc. All Zoom licences at Kempten University of Applied Sciences are pre-configured to ensure compliance with data protection requirements. 

Larger meetings: If you need to run a webinar or conduct an even for a large number of people via Zoom, please feel free to email us about your requirements. 

Useful links for Zoom: This page contains very detailed information, instructions and tutorials on the functions available to you in Zoom, including a guide to getting started and the first steps. You can get further assistance from Zoom support