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Fit for the future in higher education and business. 


Media-supported education formats are an essential part of contemporary teaching in higher education. 


to ensure the digital revolution succeeds


Collaboration in the age of New Work

Welcome to the Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society – IDT

We work as an interdisciplinary team on a daily basis to: 

  • ​Make a significant contribution to practically relevant research in the field of digital transformation in work, education and society;
  • Create synergy effects by collaborating with companies in the field of leadership, human resource development and digital training;
  • Understand the future of work and place people at the heart;
  • Empower teachers and learners in using new media and ensure sustainable skills in their application;
  • Promote digitalisation and the use of innovative forms of teaching and learning in companies and educational institutions.


Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society

 Bahnhofstrasse 61, 87435 Kempten, Germany


Our main areas of activity


Application-oriented research is the focus at the Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society in order to drive the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning scenarios. The results of research into all aspects of digital education help institutions in the field of corporate learning, HR departments, continuing education departments and all those interested in education. 


We focus on the development and implementation of digital teaching and learning scenarios.

For example, this includes:

  • Virtual learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Online & offline concepts
  • Consultancy & skills development
  • Training / Train the trainer
  • Collaborations with vhb

To assist students at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, we use the Moodle learning platform to offer numerous digital learning formats – and we are constantly developing the range of options. Our directors and the management committee also regularly assign final theses to students on topics that drive us forward as an institute. Please get in touchif you would be interested in writing your final thesis with us.

In addition, we are the first point of call for lecturers at Kempten University of Applied Sciences when it comes to using new media in teaching. We train and support our professors, staff, lecturers and student assistants in the use of multimedia learning elements.


In practice, the Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society carries out projects providing consultancy services, designing and implementing digital education. The aim is to support and advance continuing education for renowned business enterprises. Our projects are therefore always conducted in close cooperation with the education managers and internal experts at these companies. 

We also train the staff responsible for training in companies, from staff development officers to managers and the trainers themselves. 

Current projects


As an institute, we are committed to conducting research projects, further developing digital teaching and learning formats, and publishing our findings. To this end, we participate, for example, in conferences on the subject of innovative knowledge and human resource management. One of the IDT’s primary goals is to promote applied research in the field of innovative and digital teaching.

Researching and developing digital and media-supported teaching and learning formats includes, for example, the topics:

  • Innovative potential for technology-supported teaching (e-learning) 
  • Designing didactically meaningful integrated models (blended learning)
  • Digitalisation in the future working environment (new work)
  • Learning & development in the digital age
  • and much more.

Field projects for businesses

For companies, we develop product-specific and other forms of training (e.g. stakeholder, project management) using interactive web-based training, animated video sequences, interviews with in-house experts and interactive quiz units. Our fields of activity include:

  • Consultancy in human resources development, personnel management and knowledge management
  • Employee surveys – from design and implementation through to evaluation and analysis
  • Designing and implementing multimedia learning elements, such as web-based training, information and learning videos, animations, 3D rendering and much more.

Within the framework of third-party funded projects, we regularly work together with renowned companies. Would you be interested in joining forces with us? Please get in touch.

Digital and Regional

“Digital and Regional” is a joint initiative between the Bavarian Swabian universities of applied sciences. In cooperation with Augsburg and Neu-Ulm Universities of Applied Sciences, we assist lecturers in designing and creating innovative teaching/learning concepts for the bachelor’s degree programme in SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (Bachelor of Engineering).

Collaboration with the vhb

We collaborate closely with the Virtual University of Bavaria (“vhb”). Within this framework, various projects are running in different contexts – from developing individual online elements and supporting teachers at Kempten UAS (SMART vhb) and developing and supporting semester-long online courses for students from all over Bavaria (CLASSIC vhb), through to developing massive open online courses under the auspices of the OPEN vhb project. For example, we offer courses on Leadership in the digital age.

Working at the Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society

Interested in working at the IDT? Mail us at: idt(at)

We assign students theses in the field of digital teaching and learning. The relevant contacts are Professor Katrin Winkler or Professor Sandra Niedermeier

Director of the Institute

Head of Research Unit: Collaboration and leadership in a changing world

Head of Research Unit: Digitisation in education and society

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help.