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Other sources of advice

Alongside the University Student Advisory Service, there are many other points of contact and advice.

Academic Registry

If you have any questions about the formal procedures for applications, admissions, registration, re-registering, student fees, examinations or deregistering/exmatriculation, Academic Registry will be happy to help.

Academic advisors

Each of the faculties appoints specific professors to advise students on course content, how degree programmes are structured and any problems that might arise.

Engineering sciences
(Faculty of Electrical Engineering / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

Bachelor’s degrees:
• Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Professor Matthias Kuba
•    Energy and Environmental Engineering – Professor Bernhard Müller
•    Food and Packaging Technology – Professor Markus Prem
•    Mechanical Engineering – Professor Susanne Ertel
•    Mechatronics – Professor Björn Haffke
•    Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) – Rebecca Koch
•    Industrial Engineering for Electrotechnology/Mechatronics – Professor Bernhard Weich
•    Industrial Engineering for Mechanical Engineering – Professor Philipp Schmid

Master’s degrees:
•    Automation Engineering and Robotics – Professor Holger Arndt
•    Electrical Engineering – Professor Helmuth Biechl
•    Energy Technology – Professor Matthias Finkenrath
•    Driver Assistance Systems – Professor Stefan-Alexander Schneider
•    Production Engineering and Materials Science – Professor Christian Donhauser
•    Technical Innovation and Product Management – Professor Bernhard Weich
•    Product Development in Mechanical and Plant Engineering – Professor Klaus Figel
•    Industrial Engineering for Mechanical Engineering – Professor Barbara Seeberg

Business Administration & Tourism
(Faculty of Business Administration / Faculty of Tourism Management).

Bachelor’s degrees:
•    Business Administration – Professor Uwe Stratmann
•    International Management – Professor Uwe Stratmann
•    Tourism Management – Professor Julia E. Beelitz
•    Future Tourism: Innovation, Transformation and Sustainable Development – Professor Julia E. Beelitz

Master’s degrees:
•    Global Business Development – Professor Katrin Stefan
•    Innovation, Entrepreneurialism and Leadership – Professor Marco A. Gardini
•    Logistics – Professor Lienhard Hopfmann

Social & Health Studies
(Faculty of Social and Health Studies).

Bachelor’s degrees:
•    Geriatric therapy, Rehabilitation and Nursing – Professor Petra Benzinger
•    Health Services Management – Professor Thomas Schmid
•    Social Work (majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention) – Professor Frank Eger
Social Work (majoring in Youth Work) – Prof. Dr. Anja Reinalter
•    Social Services Management – Professor Arnd Kah

Master’s degrees:
•    Social and Health Services Management – Professor Cornelia Jensen

Computer Science & Multimedia
(Faculty of Computer Science).

Bachelor’s degrees:
•    Computer Science – Professor Georg Hagel
•    Computer Science: Game Engineering – Professor Klaus Ulhaas
•    Business Information Systems – Professor Peter Klutke

Master’s degrees:
•    Game Engineering and Visual Computing, master’s – Professor Bernd Dreier

International Office

If you have any questions about international aspects, studying abroad, student exchanges, partner universities or funding and bursary schemes, the International Office will be happy to help.

Disabilities Commissioner

The contact for students with disabilities is Disabilities Commissioner Prof. Ursula Müller.

Women’s Commissioner

Women’s Commissioner Professor Veronika Schraut is the contact for all issues related to equal opportunities for women and men.

BAföG advice

The body responsible for advising students at Kempten University of Applied Sciences is Augsburg Student Union . All the details about awards, the sums available, duration of funding, etc. can be found on its website. The BAföG team also runs consultation sessions at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

BAföG consultation hours in Building D, 3rd floor, Room D408
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
(Calls can be taken during consultation hours on 0831 2523-591).

Social, legal and psychological counselling from Augsburg Student Union (b!st)

Students at Kempten University of Applied Sciences can seek advice on social, legal or psychological issues from b!st, the Advisory Service of Augsburg Student Union .

Ecumenical University Chaplaincy

University pastors from the Ecumenical University Chaplaincy are gladly available to meet students at Kempten University of Applied Sciences for an introductory conversation.

Academic advice from the Employment Agency at the university

The Kempten-Memmingen Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) is responsible for individual guidance on studying and career paths, identifying professional goals, help with any doubts about studies, dropping out of university, questions about career entry, training opportunities and job market

Aim: Expanding personal skills with regard to career direction and studies, personal career planning, orientation on the job market and developments in dynamic professional environments.

Target group: Students, graduates

Format: detailed personal consultations, via phone/videolink or in person at Kempten University of Applied Sciences

Face-to-face consultation hours for detailed personal consultations by the Employment Agency (“Agentur für Arbeit”) on campus:

  • Thursday, 24 March 2022
  • Thursday, 7 April 2022
  • Thursday, 5 May 2022
  • Thursday, 9 June 2022

8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. in each case
Sign up via the Student Advisory Service


Appointments for consultations via phone/videolink: We can be reached by phone and run consultations for students Thursdays 1–5 p.m. During the semester, please call: +49 (0)831 2056-292

Availability might be restricted during vacations, so please contact us via email at Berufsberatung-allgaeu(at)arbeitsagentur.de

Advisors: Job and careers advisors at Kempten-Memmingen Employment Agency

Mental health support

Professionally trained psychologist Michael Binzer offers confidential one-to-one counselling for students who encounter uncertainties or problems and can help them resolve personal conflicts.