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Hello there,

After applying to study with us, you’ve heard back that you’ve been accepted – congratulations! We sent you our “First semester info” guide at the same time, outlining the key information about getting started at Kempten.

Our website provides the finer details, forms and useful advice. The lists below include direct links to information in English.

First things first! Enrolling as a student.

Don’t forget to accept your offer of a place via the university’s applications portal before the deadline. Otherwise it will expire! You must have enrolled at our university before you can start studying. Please check all the relevant dates ahead of time.

Starting to study

Use the time before classes kick off to sort some of the things that need doing, make preparations and find out what’s what.

A plan for your plans

Who is where? An overview of our compact campus.

Our campus? Now it’s your campus.

Key information and services to help organise your everyday student life.

Answers to all kinds of questions.

Our website is packed with information, but please don’t hesitate to talk to someone if you have any questions, specific plans, uncertainties, problems, etc. We’re here to help!

Kempten University of Applied Sciences – much more than your programme of studies

Seize the opportunities of student life! Get involved, become part of the university community. There’s a wide range of additional funding options for students.

You might end up wanting to stay a bit longer...

You will be living and studying in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. Get to know your new environment and enjoy it!