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Joining our university of applied sciences

Once you have received an offer of a place from our university of applied sciences, you are almost done. If you have been offered a place,
all you have to do now is to request to enrolas a student.

When you enrol, you sign up for a specific degree programme within the specified timeframe. You need to complete the following steps. Enrolments are processed in the online portal “MeinCampus”.
Make sure that you don’t miss the deadline stated in the letter offering you a place!

You cannot enrol without health insurance

All students in Germany are fundamentally subject to mandatory health insurance.As such, you must either have statutory health insurance (“Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung” – “GKV”) or have been exempted long-term.

Do you have statutory health insurance?


Get in touch with your statutory health insurance provider to let them know that you wish to start studying. You will need to cite our unique sender ID H0001432 for this purpose.
Your statutory health insurance provider will confirm to us electronically that you either

  • have voluntary insurance,
  • compulsory insurance (via your parents or independently), or
  • are exempt from compulsory insurance.

Are you exempt from compulsory health insurance?

If you have private health insurance or are exempt for any other reason, please contact any statutory health insurer (it doesn’t matter which) for advice, and they can potentially issue a certificate of exemption for the duration of your studies.

In this case, we will be advised electronically of your insurance status. You are not required to do or present anything else.

Enrolling as a student – step by step

1. Offer of a place

  • You will be notified of the enrolment period and given other key information.

2. Gather your documents

  • Submit any remaining documents (e.g. degree certificate)
  • Digital ID photo for your CampusCard
  • Statutory health insurance membership number

3. Register for MeinCampus

  • Create an account in the online portal “MeinCampus” at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

4. Further info and ID photo

  • Fill in your details and upload a digital ID photo for your CampusCard.

5. Log-in details and CampusCard

  • Once we have received all the required information from you, we will enrol you at the university.
  • You will receive a draft printout with your new student log-in details for “MeinCampus” and your CampusCard by post.

6. Paying your semester fee

  • Payment instructions can be found here.


You can find detailed instructions for enrolling via the “MeinCampus” online portal at Kempten University of Applied Sciences here.

Any questions?

Once you have completed enrolment, the staff responsible for you in Academic Registry change, with a dedicated team responsible for your faculty throughout your time as a student:

Contacts in Academic Registry

Technology Team For all degree programmes in the faculties of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

  • Ramona Bilgri: +120 (Room D 206)
  • Sabrina Böhmler: +498
  • Susanne Breitfeld: +359 (Room D 206)
  • Tanja Hansbauer: +354 (Room D 207)
  • Stefani Konc: +351 (Room D 204)

Economic Sectors Team For all degree programmes in the faculties of Business Administration, Social and Health Studies and Tourism Management

  • Antje Bauerfeind: +355 (Room D 209)
  • Cornelia Buchwald: +350 (Room D 208)
  • Andrea Riescher-Socher: +361 | +355 (Room D 209)
  • Djamila Schittenhelm: +122 (Room D 212)
  • Alexander Städele: + 124 (Zimmer D 209)