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Castle Vöhlin in Illertissen is one of the top visitor attractions in Swabia. Parts of the compound are used by the region’s three universities of applied sciences based in Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm as a common professional development, management and conference centre. We use this special venue for workshops, training, symposia and seminars, among other things, with events run for students, lecturers and staff alike.

Although the three universities are competitors, they all also highly value transfer of knowledge in teaching and research. Castle Vöhlin is the ideal venue for showcasing their projects and networking the institutions, coordinated by Neu-Ulm.


“The location of Castle Vöhlin and the historical atmosphere provide the perfect fertile ground to nurture future projects by the three universities. I consider these joint projects hugely important. For although these universities for applied sciences are competitors, the castle is a distinct emblem of their collaboration.”

- Professor Robert F. Schmidt (Kempten University of Applied Sciences)


Castle Vöhlin HE Hub – Office Manager
Werner Martin
Schlossallee 25
89257 Illertissen, Germany

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