Administration IT

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Administration IT operates and supports all the data processing systems used in administration, together with certain university-wide systems that are centrally managed as standard. This includes:

Productive systems from HIS GmbH:

  • Applications and allocation of places on degree programmes
  • Student and examinations administration
  • Resource and events management
  • University-wide identity management
  • MeinCampus – online services for applicants, students, lecturers and staff

Other data processing systems:

  • Infrastructure administration network
  • University website
  • University in-house systems: Intranet for professors ad staff (Wiki by Administration IT)
  • CampusCard and access control for the underground car park
  • BayZeit time logging system – installation instructions in Wiki


We provide support for all the services that we offer. Simply email one of our support accounts with your question. That way, you can be sure that someone in the team can attend to your issue, even if the usual member of staff happens to be unavailable.

Our email addresses for support queries