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Welcome to Kempten University of Applied Sciences

We look forward to your visit! If you have any questions at all about your stay, please contact us in the International Office. Besides English, our team also speaks French, Spanish and Arabic.

If you would like to contact academic staff, please get in touch with the International Relations Coordinator for the relevant faculty.

We benefit from a compact campus – and the train station and town centre are only 15 minutes or so away on foot. For details of how to reach us, please see “Getting here”

Erasmus+ for incoming company employees

Erasmus+ for incoming company employees

Eligibility – general information:

  • Member of staff from a different institution in another Erasmus+ country (public or private enterprise, research facilities, foundations, etc.)
  • Minimum stay at Kempten University of Applied Sciences 2 days (excluding travel days)
  • Minimum of 8 hours of teaching for stays up to 1 week (i.e. 1-7 days’ stay => min. 8 teaching hrs; 8- 14 days’ stay => min. 16 teaching hrs)
  • Repeat subsidies are possible, although if a selection has to be made, first-time applicants will be prioritised.

Level of subsidy:

  • The subsidy amount relates to travel expenses + subsistence costs.
  • It is paid in advance (prior to the trip) directly to the lecturer (personal subsidy).
  • The amount is calculated based on fixed itemised costs.

Further information:

  • Info sheet in the internal “HKE-Wiki/University” under: “Guest lecturers > Incoming guest lecturers” 
  • Information on the EU mobility programme ERASMUS+


  • Letter of Confirmation (certifying length of stay at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, to be completed at the end)
  • Mobility Agreement for Teaching
  • Forms kept in the internal “HKE-Wiki/University” under “Guest lecturers > Incoming guest lecturers”
Organising guest lectures by foreign lecturers

Organising guest lectures by foreign lecturers

If you wish to invite foreign colleagues from partner universities to give guest lectures, you should bear the following in mind (notes for the faculties):

  • The International Office can help you organise this.
  • In the case or remunerated guest lectures, please make the necessary legal and formal arrangements with the Budget Office (up to 90 min. = guest lecture) or the Personnel Office (> 90 min. = seminar/workshop or guest lectureship).
  • Hosting duties (taking guests for meals, excursions, etc.) can potentially be covered by international funds, subject to agreement. The International Office can help you with this. Please address questions about hosting guidelines to the Budget Office.
  • A business trip application must be submitted prior to any excursion (re. invoicing and insurance cover).