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With effect from 2 February 2023, the legal directives for the remaining hygiene plans in force due to the corona pandemic cease to apply.

The 17th BayIfSMV (Bavarian Regulation on Infection Prevention and Control Measures) and the retraction of the national SARS-CuV-2 Occupational Safety Regulation on 2 February 2023 mean that Kempten University no longer has to present a special hygiene plan.

We wish to thank you all explicitly for adhering to these plans and your patience with the repeated adjustments to new guidelines whenever the legal parameters changed.

Even if this heralds the end to hygiene plans for now, we would ask you to carry on acting responsibly with regard to any infectious illnesses, whether corona or other kinds.

The measures and guidelines listed below are no longer valid, but will still be available on our website for information purposes until the end of February 2023.